From Monday 1st June the course will be open on 18 holes (4 ball play permitted). (updated 30 May at 13:04)
Trial Membership Offer & Vacancies

Woodcote Park Golf Club is a not-for-profit club, owned and run by its members, for its members.  We invite you to consider becoming a member of the Club.

If you would like additional information about the memberships on offer or to meet and speak to a member of the team please either call 0208 668 2788 ext 3 or email 

We have an equality policy at Woodcote Park. Subject to Handicap and availability, men and ladies have all membership category options available to them.

Trial Membership Offer Files Attachment
Woodcote Park Golf Club is a not-for-profit Club owned and run by its members, for its members, and we invite you to please consider becoming a member of the Club. Now we have re-opened after the restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic we have a very special offer for you!! Why not try before you buy? We are offering a Trial membership for one, two or three months, so you can see what membership of Woodcote Park is all about ...More
Seven Day
We currently only have a very limited number of vacancies for Seven Day members. Joining as a Seven Day member allows you have to have full playing rights enabling you to play all year round with no restrictions and having the ability to enter into all competitions (as long as you meet all the terms and conditions). Beneficial for those who are unable to play as much during the week.
Five Day Plus
Places Available. An alternative category for when Seven Day is full. Unlimited play midweek (including Bank Holidays) and anytime after 12.00 noon on the Weekends.
Five Day
Places Available. For those who want to play Monday - Friday only and still want to be able to play in competitions such as a midweek stableford.
Young Persons & Juniors
Places Available. For those under 30 years of age. Subscriptions are scaled based on the following age brackets: 13-17 / 18-21 / 22-25 / 26-29. Price also depends on whether you are a student or working. Age band is based on your age at the start of the club year. I.e. 1st June.
Places available. Academy membership is an excellent way to get the feel of the club and meet the members with little early commitment. It is perfect for those who are new to golf , learning the game and want to try it out before committing to a playing membership. Our teaching professionals offer group and individual tuition to get you started into golf. Benefits include full Social membership helping you to integrate with new friends more easily.